Monday, December 26, 2016

More Evidence of Newark Mountain Origins

A search on for a "Joel Campbell who was born in 1735 and died in 1828 in Pennsylvania" reveals over 1100 Public Family Trees. Of these, only 11 suggest New Jersey as his birthplace. Just about 1000 still are referencing the old genealogies that claim a Boston connection. It seems like we have not made much progress communicating the new findings and correcting the errors of past research.

This week, more data came to light that supports the New Jersey origins of this line of Campbells.

On August 3, 1758, Benjamin Campbell and his sons Moses and Aaron, were baptized in the Newark Mountain Society (see p. 80 of my book The relationship of Benjamin to Joel has never been proven exactly, although the geographically proximity to other known relatives of Joel made a relationship to Benjamin very likely.

In December of 2016, a known paternal descendant of Benjamin submitted a Y-DNA test. His results match the Y-DNA of known descendants of Joel. This eliminates any doubt that the two lines share a very recent common ancestor. It is also one more piece of evidence that the Samuel Campbell line (Joel's line) that lived in Ulster, New York in the 1760-1800 period, originated in New Jersey, NOT Boston.

Here is the likely relationship tree that connects the line of Benjamin with the line of Joel. (The relationship of Benjamin to John (brother of Samuel) is only a hypothesis as I do not have the documentary proof.  If you have it, please share.) Thanks to David James Campbell, my 8th cousin 1x removed, for letting me share this with you!